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plasma 2 plasma 4 basis: plasma-clouds
Random, cloud-like formations. Requires 4 or more colors. A recursive algorithm repeatedly subdivides the screen and colors pixels according to an average of surrounding pixels and a random color, less random as the grid size decreases.
Four parameters:
'graininess', old/new algorithm, seed value used, 16-bit-out output selection.
plasma 1 plasma 3 Plasma clouds are real live fractals, even though we didn't know it at first. They are generated by a recursive algorithm that randomly picks colors of the corner of a rectangle, and then continues recursively quartering previous rectangles. Random colors are averaged with those of the outer rectangles so that small neighborhoods do not show much change, for a smoothed-out, cloud-like effect. The more colors your video mode supports, the better. The result, believe it or not, is a fractal landscape viewed as a contour map, with colors indicating constant elevation.